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Our Services

Comprehensive DBT

Comprehensive DBT

Many providers offer DBT, but it is often not in a “comprehensive” format. Our providers offer comprehensive DBT, which means that you are getting individual DBT sessions, skills learning, phone coaching (short calls with your therapist between sessions when you need support using your skills in your life) and regular DBT consultation team meetings for clinicians (where your therapist meets with other DBT therapists on their team to get support to provide you with the most effective treatment possible). We also consult with your environment when needed (school, family, and other mental health or healthcare providers). Providing DBT with fidelity to this model is the most data driven and proven way of doing DBT.

Individual Therapy

One-on-one sessions that provide support on a wide range of issues.


We will work together on exploring solutions and ways of coping with whatever struggles you are facing.

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Individual therapy
Couples Therapy

Family Therapy

Family therapy includes two or more members of a family and aims to find solutions for problems affecting everyone, or how each family member can help one person who is particularly struggling. Family therapy is often conducted alongside group or individual therapy, although neither of those is required to start family therapy with one of our clinicians.

Family Therapy

DBT Skills Group 

Our groups usually consist of 6 to 8 people who are in our comprehensive DBT program. We meet weekly to learn and practice DBT skills and techniques. Individuals working with therapists outside of our program, but whose work is compatible with DBT, are also accepted into our groups. For this, we will require a release of information in order to be able to collaborate with your therapist about your treatment.


Our groups learn and practice the following skills:

Mindfulness: This module is about being aware of the present moment, including thoughts, feelings and physical sensations without judgments and without trying to change it. It’s about focusing on one thing at a time.

Emotion Regulation: This module teaches how to manage negative or overwhelming feelings while increasing positive experiences in our lives. The goal is to reduce emotional vulnerability, decrease emotional suffering and understand your emotions.

Distress Tolerance: The skills covered in this module help us cope with and survive a crisis instead of making the situation worse. You’ll learn how to sit with difficult emotions without having to act on them.

Interpersonal Effectiveness: This module focuses on helping learn how to build and maintain positive relationships, get what you want from others in a way that you feel good about, and keep your self-respect.

Middle Path: This module is centered on learning that there is more than one way to see a situation or solve a problem by balancing acceptance and change. Goals include preventing extremes in behaviors and emotions and moving beyond polarized thinking.

Support group
Skills Group Therapy
Group Therapy

Multi-Family DBT Skills Group

These groups pair parents and their kids together in one group session with other families. This model allows for increased learning and shared perspectives between different generations. Multifamily Group is recommended for most families and is considered the gold standard of DBT treatment when working with adolescents.

Multifamily Group

Parent DBT Skills Group

This group is offered for parents with children of any age (teenagers are the most common, but some have adult children) and provides the same skills and ideas as the adolescent group with a heavier focus on topics important for coping with kids’ issues and parenting.

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Parent Group

Parent Coaching

Parents may benefit from meeting with a therapist for extra support with parenting a teen or adult child who is experiencing mental health struggles. These sessions can be in addition to being enrolled in a group or can stand alone. In this format, parents can get individualized support with developing plans to help their child and themselves through difficult times.

Parent Coaching

To find out if our therapy is right for you, or if you are ready to take the first step in your therapy journey, please contact or visit our Contact Us page.

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